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Seven annoying Driving habits that makes you a Jack Ass

carDriving schools manual tell us that we should never get angry on the road. Emotional decisions are often regrettable. Many things can raise your blood pressure on the road. It may range from the Un-expected roadblocks to traffic jams. However, perhaps, the most annoying thing you are likely to encounter on the road are jackass drivers. These faux paus drivers are one of the worst nightmares on the road. They seem to have thrown basic road etiquette out of the window. Defensive driving surely helps one avoid the dangers posed by such drivers.

What constitutes reckless driving behavior? The following seven will definitely make you one of the most hated drivers on the road.


We hate being followed in life, unless it is twitter off course. This hatred has extended to the road. Someone driving very close to you is very nerve breaking. It is worse during the night when the other car lights shine on the side mirrors. Worst still, it is a precursor to road accidents as sudden braking can lead to pilling.

Cutting other cars off

Cutting off is forcing your car in front of a car moving in same direction without warning. This is one reckless driving behavior that should only be in movies, but not in real life. The consequence of such actions causes the other driver to break suddenly which can result in the car swerving off the road.

Using a cellphone

Research has shown that use of a cell phone while driving leads to the same behavior a drink driver is likely to show such as weaving from one lane to the other, or driving slowly. It also increases the like hood of making poor judgment on the road. Such behavior inadvertently affects other road users.

Sudden Braking

Sudden braking is only acceptable when there is an emergency. Otherwise, it is dangerous especially when driving in a highway. Absent-minded drivers who are preoccupied with other activities instead of driving are the main culprits.

Wrong use of the indicator

Car indicators speak of your intention as a driver. They should be used at all times when you are planning to overtake, or when changing lanes. They are a simple act of courtesy to other road users. Wrong use of indicators says to other road users that you are reckless and do not give a damn about their safety.

High beams at night

When an oncoming vehicle drives towards you with full lights, it considerably reduces your ability to see. The more intense the lights, the more affected your vision becomes. In such a situation, panic sets in. It is worse when a driver is driving at a high speed.

Loud Music

You need tell the whole world that your car has the most powerful speakers in the world. There are no medals for that. What you will get in return is frowning faces. It simple, if you want loud music, go to a disco or better still, buy headphones.

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