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Driving in Sweden: Guide and Safety Tips

Sweden is one of the friendliest countries in the world a fact that has made it a favorite destination for many across the world. The road infrastructure is adept, drivers are friendly, and you can drive to almost all corners of the country. That said, it is recommended that you drive there during the summer time, as wintertime Swedish roads tend to be slippery, and do not augur well to an inexperienced hand.

On car hire

Sweden has a well-developed car hire business, and you will definitely find a car in all cities, and urban centers around Sweden. The minimum legal driving age in the Sweden is 18 years of age. Some car hire companies may only hire to drivers who are aged more than 23 years old. Check our price comparison booking engine below to find cheap rent a car in Sweden.

Driving regulations

Cars are driven on the right and overtaking is one the left, as when driving in Germany. This system was adopted in 1967. Drivers must with their headlights 24 hours per day. Despite a ratio that is almost equal to one vehicle to one driver, Swedish roads have fewer vehicles, and it is often not surprising to drivers for hours on end without meeting a car on the road. You must carry a warning triangle in your car at all times. In case of mechanical failure, the warning triangle should be placed at least 50 meters from your vehicle.

If you plan to head to Sweden during the winter months, i.e. in the months of December and March, it is important that you arrange for winter tryres. Please note that the use of winter tyres is Mandatory under the Swedish traffic laws.

Important documents to carry

You need the following documents to be eligible to drive around Sweden. An international driving license, car registration papers, international motor insurance cars, your passport, and document-proving car hire.

Alcohol limit

The Maximum legal alcohol limit is 0.02%. To be safe on the road, it is imperative not to drink and drive for obvious reasons. This rule is strictly enforced, and severe penalties await those found violation this rule.

Safety belt

All car occupants must use safety belts at all time. Children less than seven years should have a child seat fitted.

What to do in case of an accident

In case of a road accident, you should inform the police immediately. As you wait for the police, exchange information such as address, insurance documents, and contacts with the other driver. You can contact the police using the following number: 112

In case of injuries, basic first aid services should be done. Ambulance and fire departments is reached using the number: 112

Speed Limits

Speed limits vary as follows: Built up areas: 50km/hr, Roads: 70km/hr, and in Motorways: 110km/hr. In harsh weather, these speed limits are lowered. Speed limits are enforced using speed cameras. In case of serious violations, the driver’s license is withdrawn. Other charges can apply.

Road signs

Swedish road signs are marked with a white color with a green background. Road signs are marked follow the European Union standards, and should not be difficult to interpret for a trained driver.

Fuel cost

The cost of Fuel in Sweden is relatively higher in comparison to other European countries. For example, the coast of Unleaded petrol is €1.37, unleaded petrol €1.41 and diesel is €1.27. Many of the gas stations open for 24 hours per day Sunday to Sunday. Major credit cards are accepted in petrol stations across the country.

Animals on the road

Encountering animals is a common occurrence across Sweden. Some of the common animals you are likely to meet include the deer, spot moose, reindeer, and hares. Extreme cautions should be observed when driving to avoid encounters with animals some of which have caused fatal accidents before. In case you hit an animal, you should inform the police immediately.

Important phrases


English  Swedish
Exit  Avfart
Petrol  Bensin
Diversion  Omlaggning 
No parking Parkering Forbjuden
Police Polis
Accident  Olycka


Toll roads in Sweden

Swedish road are largely devoid of the toll system. The only road system is found at the Oresund Bridge. Charges are 395 to 790 Kronur depending on the type of vehicle you have. Please note that there is a congestion charge in Stockholm at a fee of 20 Kroner.

Parking regulations

Parking is an expensive undertaking in Sweden that is if you lucky to find a parking space in the city center. Parking costs 10 to 30 Swedish kroner per hour from 8am-6pm from Monday to Saturday.

Other useful information

1. During summer, any car can travel to all parts of Sweden, as its roads are well maintained, and wide to allow for driving without any stress.

2. Ice often forms on Bridges, which can be dangerous while driving

3. If you find the roads slippery, reduce your driving speed. If you are going downhill exercise extreme caution in such weather

4. For more information and clarity visit the Swedish Transport Administration via


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Decent car hire prices!

If you are driving in Sweden, it's a must to use winter tyres even in other seasons!

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