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Car Checklist before agreeing to hire

Getting the best car on the road is every Car traveller’s dream. After all, who wants a car that wreaks an otherwise enjoyable trip? Whereas, car hire companies always promise the “best services and Car”, unfortunately, this is not always the case. The ultimate aim of any car hire company is to sell, and whereas most companies deliver on what they promise, not all are keen on doing this. To be safe, have a peace of mind, and get a return on your investment, it is very prudent that you exercise vigilance before signing any lease agreement. You should only agree to lease a car when you are FULLY satisfied that the car you are given will take you back to your preferred destination, and back without the much dreaded mechanical failure(s). That said do you know what defines a “fit” car?

If not, the following checklist is imperative towards ensuring that disappointments don’t come your way. Do the following:

Check the Exterior

This is the first place to begin. Check the following:

1. Condition of the tyres

Check all the tyres individually. Investigate on the following: pressure, wear, fitting, size vis-à-vis the car model, tire thread and Spare tire (recommended that there is one).

2. Windscreen

See if they are firmly in place. Later, see if they work well. Check also the windshield to see if it is firmly in place.

3. Scratches

If they are scratches, this should be noted.

4. Mirrors

See each side mirror individually. You will also check there efficiency once you are in the driver’s seat.

Check the interior

First, investigate each door individually to ascertain functionality i.e. do they shut properly? Can they be locked and opened easily? Etc.

1. Lights

See if the headlights s works properly, investigate also the brake lights and the interior lights. Check also the signal lights to see if they work properly.

2. Cooling system

See if it is in the right working condition. This is especially important if are planning to drive in summer or Tropic countries

3. Seats

Can the seats be adjusted? Are they firmly in place? Are safety belts working well?

4. Steering wheel

Is it firmly fixed in place? Is it easy to maneuver? Etc.

5. Dashboard

Is the speedometer working properly? Is the fuel gauge working? Is the car horn functioning? Is the temperature gauge working?

6. The Engine

Check the following basics: Oil level, Engine water level, Fuel filter, spark plugs, the working of the Fan, battery water level, and check for any leakages. Once the above has been confirmed, start the engine for at least 15 minutes any watch-out for signs of leakages, and other unusual sounds.

Finally, perform a test drive to confirm that everything is in order. The above checks should never be hurried, remember you are the boss now. If possible, come with a qualified mechanic especially if you plan on hiring the vehicle for a long duration. Your ultimate goal should be getting the best car for the road that guarantees a return on investment.


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